B.A. & Post Grad, Physical Therapy, RAD Cert (2018)

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Anna Sousa is a ballet teacher who uses her wealth of experience to support students in achieving their full potential in dance class. She values creating a safe and positive space in the studio so that students can learn and flourish as dancers. Anna’s dance training began at a young age and in 2005 she completed the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Advanced ballet exam. She also worked as Psycho-motor Therapist for children ages 0-2.5 years old. Anna has experience teaching the wide age range of toddlers to adults within the classical ballet field. She holds a B.A and Post Graduate certificate in Physical Therapy from Brazil and is currently completing her teaching certification  from the Royal Academy of Dance. She is also working towards her Early Childhood Education diploma at Seneca College. Anna believes that dancing is a way to express your whole self without the need to use words, and that  it should be accessible for everyone.