B.A., Choreography

Oksana’s earliest memories involve dancing and helping others learn. At an early age, Oksana would often organize herself and her friends to perform dance shows for parents and neighbours. It is no surprise then that she has spent most of her life performing, learning and teaching dance. Oksana holds a B.A. in Choreography from the Pricarpathian National University of Ukraine, her home country. She has over 6 years of education in the field. Oksana’s passion for dance has also led her to explore many avenues of the art form. She is as comfortable with the poise and elegance of Classical Ballet as with the lively and energetic Cuban Salsa.

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Before moving to Canada, Oksana was very active in her local dance communities. She partook in most dance groups and helped organize many events. She created her own dance school for children, with end-of-semester recitals of fun stories through dance. She worked with a group of actors who performed shows and created fun and exciting games for children’s parties. Oksana has also volunteered helping paraplegic persons learn dance as well as performing alongside them. In Canada, she has so far worked as Ballet Mistress for the Barvinok School of Dance and choreographed stage performances for folk festivals. Oksana believes dance should be accessible to as many people as possible and that belief has led her to gather a wide range of experience with various age groups, abilities and learning-preferences. Her strongest passion is in working with young children. Oksana loves to help each of her students find joy in the freedom of dance, and watching them experience this is a major source of joy for her. She always goes out of her way to understand the individual needs of her students and works hard to bring out their inner potential.