PTP Cert., School of Toronto Dance Theatre

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Sasha Speed, born and raised in Toronto, has trained at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and is soon to graduate. Speed’s love of dance was enhanced at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts as a dance major and a member of the RHSA Dance Company. She also trained with the Quinte Ballet School and Pia Bouman School of Ballet and Creative Movement.

She attended Gelsey Kirkland School of Ballet in New York City, where she was able to fine-tune her technical ballet skills. Speed loves connecting with her body and appreciates that privilege. She began teaching with the Young Dancers’ Program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre for five years. She also holds the position of dance teacher with Gifts of the Spirit children’s dance programme, founded through Propel Dance Centre. She appreciates the organic movement of her young students.

Speed has worked with dancers with disabilities for many years and enjoys watching the young dancers gain confidence through movement. She appreciates her students’ life experiences told through their physical storytelling. She is intrigued by the versatility of the dancer’s life and the creative aspects of teaching. Integral to Speed’s teaching is her role in encouraging children to find their inner love of dance. Speed has been inspired by the young dancers and has learnt from the thoughtful teaching at Propel. She looks forward to the future.