Founded in 2013, Propel Dance Centre has become a well recognized dance studio in midtown Toronto for its holistic approach to teaching dance.

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Director Savannah Boddy has a unique background as a TDSB teacher, arts educator and professional dancer. She curates Propel Dance Centre's programming so that students of all ages receive a developmentally appropriate experience that includes creative exploration. We offer a welcoming, body-positive environment where all students can learn and grow in a supportive space. At Propel Dance Centre, our team meets regularly to reflect on and discuss how we bring our values to life inside the dance studio. We consistently think about the language that we use, the choices we offer to our students and the ways in which we interact with them.  We actively choose to build community, over competition and recognize the unique gifts that each dancer brings into the space. 

“Propel has afforded a body-positive, fun and safe place for my 13 year old daughter to be herself. It is wonderful to know she has a place to learn and grow without judgement. Thank you Propel!”
— Sarah, Propel Parent